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In order to accommodate students from other schools while giving Harvard medical students priority in the initial assignment of courses, the following policy prevails: Harvard students retain priority over other students until 90 days before the start of a given clerkship; subsequently any openings may be released and committed to students from other schools. Clerkship scheduling takes place 30-60 days prior to the start of a rotation month.

After you submit an online application, you will receive an email once the supporting documentation has been received and entered into our database. Email correspondence from HMS will be sent closer to the date of clerkship rather than by date of submission because scheduling is completed one month-at-a-time and in chronological order. For example, July will be processed before August and so forth. Please allow ample time and double check spam folders.

Students will be notified by email 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the rotation month whether or not they have been scheduled. If scheduled, an official letter of assignment with clerkship details will be emailed.

In order to ensure fairness to all eligible applicants, scheduling is assigned randomly based upon the demand and availability of clerkships; applications are not processed based on date of submission. If you are applying for multiple months, please wait until all months are available to apply.

Please note that variation on the HMS clerkship dates is not permitted. And once an assignment has been finalized, there are no changes allowed.

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