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HMS Exchange Clerkship Program


All clinical clerkship scheduling is done by the Office of the Registrar at Harvard Medical School.

Applicants must have completed satisfactorily the core clinical clerkship requirements of the home school; the Dean's letter should specify the core requirements.

No, the mailed in portion of your application does not need to be at our office until about 2 months prior to the start of the rotation (please refer to the calendar on this website for a complete list of submission deadlines). You will need to wait to get your 2nd PPD to submit your documentation.

In order to ensure fairness to all eligible applicants, all applications are reviewed after the submission deadline and scheduling is assigned randomly based upon the demand and availability of clerkships; applications are not processed based on date of submission so there is no benefit to early submission.

In order to ensure fairness to all students, HMS does not allow students to make their own arrangements for clinical clerkships directly with individual faculty members and course directors. All scheduling is done on a space-available basis through the Registrar's Office at HMS.

No, incomplete applications will not be processed for assignment. Please plan to apply for a month only when your required documentation is complete.

Unfortunately, not all eligible candidates are placed. Eligible applicants may be considered for placement but, due to the large number of applications received annually, not all requests can be assigned, particularly as Harvard students have priority for clerkships. Further, HMS reserves the right to screen applicants for academic achievement, professionalism and language proficiency; not all applicants meet the criteria for placement.

Your chances of being scheduled may increase if you include several choices for each rotation month, especially during our busiest months May-October. Opportunities for international students may be limited during this time.

No, HMS does not allow individual scheduling variations. Students must adhere to our published calendar dates.

If you are scheduled for an elective and cannot participate, please email at exclerks@hms.harvard.edu immediately.

In cases of short notice, you should email the clerkship as well.

No, Harvard Medical School only requires HMS faculty to complete the standard HMS evaluation form. Due to the volume of visiting students, HMS cannot stamp, sign or apply the HMS seal to paperwork for any other school or institution.

Please be sure that you submit the most current transcript with your application. Most of our electives have core clinical prerequisites. If you have not completed all cores when submitting your application, you will need to provide a letter from your Dean or Registrar indicating that you will have successfully completed the cores by the time you come to HMS. Further, HMS reserves the right to request additional documentation regarding grades if necessary.

HMS does not require recommendation letters other than the letter of support. Please note that recommendation letters do not increase your chances of being scheduled.

No, all applications are processed as a batch on a monthly basis approximately 30-45 days before the clerkship. HMS does not place students on a rolling admissions basis but rather eligible applicants are assigned randomly based on availability.

HMS does not publicize course availability due to the frequency of enrollment changes.

The USMLE Step I is not required for participation in the Exchange Clerkship Program. However, international students may submit a copy of their scores for review.

Unfortunately, observerships are not offered through the HMS Exchange Clerkship Program.

Unfortunately, HMS does not maintain waitlists for any of our clerkships.

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