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Curriculum Programs
The Office of Curriculum Programs (OCP) is responsible for ensuring effective executive management of the school’s four-year curriculum program and for administering – consistently throughout the program – all the educational resources that support curricular goals and program priorities, including finances, anatomical resources, educational technology and other teaching tools.
The Curriculum Services office is responsible for managing, in conjunction with faculty course directors, the delivery of the New Pathway curriculum in Years I and II; serving a liaison function with the core clinical clerkships; and implementing the new curriculum that emerges from Medical Education Reform.
The Registrar participates actively in setting academic policies and procedures for all curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Registrar’s Office also maintains a permanent academic record for every student and is responsible for registering students for all courses, processing course drop/add requests, distributing grade sheets, and recording grades and evaluations.
The Office of Anatomical Resources and Education provides professional anatomical teaching services and administers the School’s anatomical resources program for HMS courses and selected affiliated programs.
A newly formed Center for Evaluation is charged with overseeing uniform, HMS-wide policies and procedures for systematic assessment of students and courses. The Center will continue to provide important core services: student evaluation of courses, clerkships, and teachers; preparation of an annual course and clerkship evaluation report; oversight of the OSCE program, both the PD II OSCE and the Comprehensive Exam; documentation of assessment materials for cases being considered by the Promotion Board; regular comprehensive reviews of preclinical courses and clinical clerkships; evaluation of the Medical Education Reform Initiative; and coordination of the effort among course and clerkship directors to generate consistency in grading across sites and disciplines, as mandated by the LCME.
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